About Us

kathmandu nursing campus board of directors

Kathmandu Nursing Campus (KNC) is located at Basundhara, Kathmandu.

With affiliation from CTEVT it is offering PCL Nursing (Staff Nurse) program. This course is based on the job performance requirement of the Staff Nurse at different levels of health care system of Nepal. Therefore, this curriculum is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and attitude among graduates to perform nursing professional practice. In total three years; the first year course is focused on basic nursing care in hospital and in the community: foundational nursing practices; the second year course is focused on preventive, promotive as well as therapeutic nursing care of sick adult and elderly individual as well as mentally ill individual. Similarly, the third year course comprise of the pediatric, midwifery and gynecology as well as leadership and management.

The program aims to produce a middle level nursing work force who is independent and competent to assume the responsibility to carry out the function of preventive, primitive, curative, rehabilitative and holistic care of an individual/group at hospital and in community settings.


To address the national and ultimately the rural problem of the need of the skilled human resources, particularly in the areas of health throughout human resource development program.


Our vision is to deliver health education of the highest quality to meet the needs of the individual, academic institution, health institution and the nation through widening participation.

Goal/ Objectives

• To meet the demand of nursing manpower in the country
• To motive youth in skillful job in the field of health service.
• To make nursing education accessible.
• To create job opportunities in nursing field.
• Utilize a sound knowledge base in giving care to well and sick individuals, families and communities.
• Implement preventive and therapeutic measures directed toward promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.
• Utilize communication skills effectively while communicating with individuals and groups in a variety of settings.
• Apply the nursing process in providing and improving health care.
• Assume leadership role for planning and improving health care.
• Guide and supervise individuals, families and groups including health care workers.
• Collaborate with multi-sectorial groups to develop a healthful environment, including safe drinking water, environmental sanitation and other comprehensive approaches in the community.
• Mobilize the community people to participate in the activities of the village health post.
• Demonstrate a positive attitude and respect for cultural values and health practices in working to meet needs and solve problems.
• Continue to seek new knowledge for personal and professional growth.
• Seek new knowledge and skill continuously for personal and professional growth.

Kathmandu Nursing Campus Campus Chief